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Adam Newman

The name adopted by a lifelike android - created by Superman in his own image but rejected by the Man of Steel soon afterward because of its serious imperfections - who, bitterly resentful over having been discarded, masterminds an elaborate scheme to wreak vengeance on Superman and end his super-hero career by tricking Clark Kent into believing that Adam Newman is the only real Superman and that all his own recollections of an action-filled life as Superman have been only symptoms of a pathetic delusion.  Incredibly, the plot succeeds - with Clark Kent actually convinced that he is only a mild-mannered reporter and that his entire life as Superman has been nothing by an insane hallucination - until finally Adam Newman, mortally wounded while battling a runaway nuclear pile, confesses the details of his scheme to a startled Clark Kent so that, even though the android Superman must perish, the real Superman will be able to save Metropolis from disaster.

See Superman #174, January 1965

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