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LEXCORP A publicly owned multinational company founded by LEX LUTHOR, presumably late in his career for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing his countless brilliant scientific inventions.  At one time Luthor himself owned quite a bit of stock in it, but has not been allowed an active hand in management since before the end of the Twentieth Century.

First made known in February 1986 (S No.416/2: "The Ghost of Superman Future!") when an aged and retired SUPERMAN, no longer living on Earth but now wandering the starwinds, grants a rare interview to a group of galactic news reporters.  Reminiscing about his friendship with Luthor, Superman makes reference to the "Lexcorp Holocaster," the "best hologram filming system ... I've seen in the universe!"

Superman #416
Superman Future's rare interview, 1986

In 1991, a message from the future reveals that Luthor used a two-passenger "Lexcorp Cruiser" for traveling over the surface of the moon to his final confrontation with Superman.

By the time of the latter days of Superman and Luthor's presence on Earth, Lexcorp is so successful and presumably such a leading force in humankind's outer-space endeavors, that it is poised to become the first multiplanetary corporation. ("Luthor's Gift")

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