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DC One Million #1, November 1998, by Grant Morrison, Val Semieiks and Prentis Rollins

"Superman should be a huge, positive role model, an almost Christ-like force."

- Grant Morrison

JLA #15, January 1998 Writer Grant Morrison, acknowledging Superman's heritage and legacy, presented Superman in all his true glory.  As one of the many elements in his revolutionary work in JLA, Grant Morrison has managed to adhere to DC's strict editorial limitations regarding Superman, yet to simultaneously re-define the character without anyone at DC being able to stop him.

For the first time since 1986, DC presented a Superman who has a renewed confidence and sense of optimism, who knows that he will succeed (and does succeed) because he fights on the side of right, and who inspires others to greatness by his actions.

When Grant Morrison first began writing JLA in 1997, one of his first acts was to do away with John Byrne's antagonistic relationship between Superman and Batman and return it to that of old comrades-in-arms.

He showed a Superman with super-intelligence who has the powers to move small planets (JLA #7, 1997) and although Superman cannot blow-out stars with his super-breath, his descendents can (DC One Million #2, 1998).

Flash #137, May 1998, by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Ron Wagner & John Nyberg

In his brief run on The Flash, Morrison reminded us that, contrary to the claims made in the pages of Byrne's Man of Steel, Kal-El was in fact born on Krypton rather than on Earth.

Superman of the 853rd Century, DC One Million #2, 1998

In DC One Million and JLA, he has restored Superman's legend, his nobility, and his ultimate destiny.  Much like the Bronze Age Superman, this is a Superman who will be the ancestor to generations of Supermen and possibly become Rao himself.

Grant Morrison's JLA is DC's only current top-ten selling title.

"Instead of trench coats, stubble, and plotless angst in the alleyways and avenues, I went for bright costumes, aspirational nobility, and widescreen imaginative romps through space and time."

- Grant Morrison

JLA #22, September 1998, by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter

Also check out Grant's work on All-Star Superman, Superman 2000, and the 2011 Superman Re-launch
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