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The Superman stories of
Elliot S! Maggin

There are many skilled Superman writers, but my all-time favorite is Elliot S! Maggin. This bibliography of his Superman stories is a work in progress and is not complete. If you know of an Elliot S! Maggin Superman piece that is not listed here, notice any errors, or can contribute any missing information, please contact us. Thanks!

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Title Format Publisher Date Comments

Novel Warner Books 1978 Best-seller;
Read this book
More info about this book

Novel Warner Books 1981 Best-seller; Origin of Miracle Monday;
Read this book;
More info about this book

Short story Exclamations! 1991 Read this story
Novel Warner Aspect 1998 More info about this book;
Read Chapter 14

Novella Superman Through the Ages! 1999 The epic story of Krypto the Superdog!
Read this novella
About this story


Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
247 Jan 1972 MF "Must There Be a Superman?" Story ES!M's first Superman story; The Guardians; More info
251 May 1972 BF "The Day Krypton Didn't Die!" Script The Fabulous World of Krypton
257 Oct 1972 BF "The Greatest Green Lantern of All!" Story"From an idea by Neal Adams"
The Fabulous World of Krypton
Tomar-Re; More info; read this story
260 Jan 1973 MF "Keeper of the Eternal Flame!" Story Valdemar
260 Jan 1973 BF "Let My People Live!" Story The Fabulous World of Krypton
262 Mar 1973 MF "The Skyscraper That Screamed For It's Life!" Story  
262 Mar 1973 BF "Puzzle of the Telepathic Twins!" Story The Private Life of Clark Kent
263 Apr 1973 MF "Man of Molten Steel!" Story
264 May 1973 BF "The Headband Warriors of Krypton!" Script The Fabulous World of Krypton
265 Jul 1973 SF "Attack By the Army of Tomorrow!" Story  
266 Aug 1973 MF "The Nightmare Maker!" ?  
266 Aug 1973 BF "The Face on the Falling Star!" ? The Fabulous World of Krypton
267 Sep 1973 MF "World Beneath the North Pole!" Story  
267 Sep 1973 BF "The Man in the Public Eye!" Story The Private Life of Clark Kent
268 Oct 1973 MF "Wild Week-End In Washington!" Story Guest stars Batgirl; Batman cameo
268 Oct 1973 BF "A Tale of Time and Tide" Story Fabulous World of Krypton
270 Dec 1973 MF "The Viking From Valhalla!" Story  
270 Dec 1973 BF "I Can't Go Home Again" Story The Private Life of Clark Kent
271 Jan 1974 MF "The Man Who Murdered Metropolis" Writer Brainiac
271 Jan 1974 BF "The Warriors of Lightning Valley" Story The Fabulous World of Krypton
273 Mar 1974 MF "The Wizard with the Golden Eye!" Writer  
273 Mar 1974 BF "Blind Date!" Story The Private Life of Clark Kent
274 Apr 1974 SF "Protectors of Earth, Inc." Writer  
275 May 1974 BF "The Princess and the Glass Treeman!" Story The Fabulous World of Krypton
276 Jun 1974 SF "Make Way For Captain Thunder!" ? Introduction of Captain Thunder
277 Jul 1974 MF "The Biggest Game in Town!" Words  
279 Sep 1974 MF "Menace of the Energy-blackmailers!" Story The greatest hero of them all - co-starring the flame-haired woman of shadows;
Cover of this issue
280 Oct 1974 MF "Duel of the Diamond Demons!" Story  
282 Dec 1974 MF "Lex Luthor -- Super Scalp-hunter!" Story Lex Luthor
a review
283 Jan 1975 BF "One of Our Imps is Missing!" Story Mr. Mxyzptlk
285 Mar 1975 MF "Search For the 'Impossible' Man" Writer  
286 Apr 1975 MF "The Parasite's Power Play!" Writer Lex Luthor and Parasite
287 May 1975 MF "Who was that dog I saw you with last night?" Writer By popular demand!
The return of Krypto!
290 Aug 1975 BF "Babble, Babble, Toil and Trouble!" Story Mr. Mxyzptlk
292 Oct 1975 MF "The Luthor Nobody Knows!" Writer Lex Luthor; read this story
293 Nov 1975 SF "The Miracle of Thirsty Thursday!" Writer Pre-cursor to Miracle Monday
295 Jan 1976 SF "Costume, Costume -- Who's Got the Costume?" Writer Xenofobe
296 Feb 1976 SF, P1 "Who took the SUPER out of SUPERMAN!" Co-writer "The most spectacular crisis ever to challenge the Man of Steel!";
Cover of this issue
297 Mar 1976 SF, P2 "Clark Kent Forever -- Superman Never!" Co-writer The Dinner Date 331 K
298 Apr 1976 SF, P3 "Clark Kent, Get Out of My Life!" Co-writer Agent Xviar; a review
299 May 1976 SF, P4 "The Double-or-Nothing Life of Superman!" Co-writer Mr. Xavier
300 Jun 1976 SF "Superman, 2001!" Co-writer Cover of this issue
302 Aug 1976 SF "Seven-foot-two... and Still Growing!" Writer Lex Luthor
376 Oct 1982 MF "The Ozone-Master Comes Calling!" Writer Back-up feature segues into The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 (No ES!M content)
390 Dec 1983 SF, P1 "Lost On a Comet!" Words Vartox!
391 Jan 1984 SF, P2 "Who Stole the Newswoman of the Year!"
Co-writer Vartox; Cover of this issue
392 Feb 1984 SF, P3 "If a Body Meets a Body..." Co-writer  
394 Apr 1984 SF, P1 "The Man Who Would Be President!" Writer Valdemar
395 May 1984 SF, P2 "The Power and the People" Writer Valdemar
400 Oct 1984 S! "The Living Legends of Superman"
(Introduction & Legends 1-6)
Writer Legend 7 by Jim Steranko;
Superman celebrates Miracle Monday;
More info
411 Sep 1985 SF "The Last Earth-Prime Story" Co-writer Special Guest: Julie Schwartz
414 Dec 1985 SF, CX "Revenge is Life -- Death to Superman!" Writer Mourning of Supergirl; Superman Revenge Squad
See DC Comics Presents #87
416 Feb 1986 MF, P1 "The Einstein Connection!" Writer Lex Luthor
416 Feb 1986 BF, P2 "The Ghost of Superman Future!" Writer Cover of this issue
417 Mar 1986 SF "Warrior of Mars!" Writer  
419 May 1986 SF "The Man Who Murdered Evil!" Story & Concept  
420 Jun 1986 SF "...And We Are the Dreamers of the Dreams!" Writer  
Annual 9 1983 MF "Villain, Villain, Who's Got the Villain?" Writer World's Finest team vs. Lex Luthor
Annual 9 1983 BF "I Flew With Superman!" Copy Features Curt Swan; Splash page
Annual 10 1984 SF "The Day the Cheering Stopped!"
Writer The Sword of Superman; Superman's destiny revealed; Cover of this issue;
read the story

Action Comics:

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
420 Feb 1973 MF "The Made-To-Order Menace" Story Introduction of Towbee the Singer
424 Jun 1973 MF "Gorilla Grodd's Grandstand Play!" Story Gorilla Grodd
429 Nov 1973 MF "The Man Who Wrote Superman's Obituary!" Story  
437 Jul 1974 MF "Magic is Bustin' Out All Over!" Writer Superman and Green Arrow
440 Oct 1974 MF "The Man Who Betrayed Krypton!" Writer  
440 Oct 1974 BF, P1 "Little Dog Lost" Writer This is a Green Arrow back-up feature guest starring what may be a Krypto with amnesia
441 Nov 1974 BF, P2 "The Mystery of the Wandering Dog" Script This is a Green Arrow back-up feature guest starring what may be a Krypto with amnesia
443 Jan 1975 MF "At Last! Clark Kent -- Super-hero!" Story Superman with the Justice League of America
447 May 1975 MF "The Man Who Created Superman!" Writer Elliot in Action
448 June 1975 MF "Don't Get Off On the 13th Floor!" Story  
449 Jul 1975 MF "My Best Friend -- the Super-spy!" Writer Also has a Jack Kirby Golden-Age Green Arrow back-up feature
455 Jan 1976 MF "Junkman - the Recycled Superstar!" Story Guest starring Green Arrow and The Atom.
More info
456 Feb 1976 BF "Bail Out the Nutty Kid" Story Green Arrow and Black Canary backup feature
457 Mar 1976 BF "Flight of the Nutty Kid!"   Green Arrow and Black Canary backup feature
458 Apr 1976 MF "Make Me a Super-Hero!" Story Blackrock
458 Apr 1976 BF "Masquerade of the Nutty Kid!" Story This is a Green Arrow & Black Canary back-up feature guest starring Lex Luthor
459 May 1976 MF "Superman's Big Crack-up!" Writer Blackrock
460 Jun 1976 BF "Welcome Home to Mxyzpolis!" Writer Mr. Mxyzptlk back-up feature
461 Jul 1976 BF "The Toughest Newsboy In Town!" blotched out Perry White back-up feature;
Elliot quit DC over this story
568 Jun 1985 MF "Disappearing Act!" Writer  
571 Sep 1985 SF "Mission to Earth!" Writer Cover of this issue
642 Mar 1989 SF, PB "Where There is a Will...!"
Writer Clark Kent; Origin and study of Green Lantern;
Edited by Mark Waid; Cover of this issue

DC Comics Presents:

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
87 Nov 1985 CX, MF, P2 "Year of the Comet"
Writer Earth-prime Superboy; See Superman #414; Cover of this issue
87 Nov 1985 CX, BF, P1 "The Origin of Superboy-Prime!"
Writer Earth-prime Superboy; See Superman #414; Cover of this issue
Annual 2 1983 SF "The Last Secret Identity!" Story Superwoman;
More info about Superwoman
Annual 4 1985 SF "Welcome to LUTHORCON III!" Story Superwoman

The Superman Family:

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
165 Jun-Jul 1974 MF "Princess of the Golden Sun!" Writer Supergirl
168 Dec-Jan 1974/75 MF "The Girl With the See-Through Mind!" Story Supergirl; with Lena Thorul (Lex Luthor's sister)
171 Jun-Jul 1975 MF "Cleopatra Queen of America" Writer Supergirl; Guest stars the JLA and Batgirl
174 Jan 1976 MF "Eyes of the Serpent" Writer Supergirl
177 Jun-Jul 1976 MF "Bride of the Stars" Scripted by Supergirl

World's Finest:

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
210 Mar 1972   "World of Faceless Slaves" ? Superman and Green Arrow; sequel to GA story in Green Lantern #87
213 Sep 1972   "Peril in a Very Small Place" ? Superman and The Atom

Justice League of America:

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
117 April 1975 SF "I Have No Wings And I Must Fly!" Writer Return of Hawkman to JLA
118 May 1975 SF, P1 "Takeover of the Earth-masters!" Writer  
119 Jun 1975 SF, P2 "Winner Takes the Earth!" Writer An epic of cosmic proportions
123 Oct 1975 P1 "Where On Earth Am I?" Co-writer with Cary Bates JLA/JSA teamup;
cameos by Elliot Maggin, Cary Bates, and Julius Schwartz
Scene from this issue
124 Nov 1975 P2 "Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society" Co-writer with Cary Bates JLA/JSA teamup;
cameos by Elliot Maggin, Cary Bates, and Julius Schwartz

The Joker

Issue # Cover Date Code Title Credit as Listed Comments
  May-June 1976 SF "Luthor - You're Driving Me Sane!" Script Guest stars Lex Luthor;
Great Luthor appearance!

In addition to his work on Superman, Elliot S! Maggin has written for TV, has co-written a Generation-X novel, has edited various comic books (including Challengers of the Unknown), and has written for many non-Superman comic books including: Archie's Super-Teens, Atari Force, Batman, Detective Comics, Ellison's Dark Corridors, Elseworlds, Green Arrow, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Joker, Justice League of America, Marvel Classics, Peter Parker, Shazam, Star Raiders, Strange Sports Stories, Total Recall, Wonder Woman, etc. Since tracking down all of his work would take up far too much of my time and since I am mainly interested in his Superman stories, this bibliography attempts to list only his Superman-related writings, not everything that he has ever done.

Contributors include: Michael Bond, Derek T. Doyle, Jim Ford, Michael R. Grabois, Bob Heer, Howard J. Margolin, Lou Mougin, and Nathaniel Morgan.
Last updated 1 September 1999 - Please contact us to contribute any missing information. Thanks!

This page is a fannish production is not affilliated with Elliot Maggin, DC Comics, or Warner Brothers.

If you like the Super-Stories of Elliot S! Maggin and/or Jeph Loeb and are looking for similar authors, you may want to check out the fan-fiction of Samuel Hawkins.

Superman © DC Comics, Joanne Siegel, and Laura Siegel Larson, TM DC Comics.

STARWINDS HOWL by Elliot S! Maggin
Elliot S! Maggin
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